The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences
The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (in Dutch ‘Vereniging Hogescholen’) unites all 37 government-funded Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Together these 37 Universities of Applied Sciences have over 41,000 employees and over 445,000 students.

The association focuses on strengthening the social position of Universities of Applied Sciences. The social position is strengthened through the transferal of knowledge about higher education and by providing information. To this end the association maintains contacts with a broad range of people and organizations. For example: journalists (newspapers, press agencies etc.), the confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (known as VNO-NCW), the Royal Association MKB-Nederland (entrepreneurs’ organization), members of parliament and several ministries (e.g. the ministries of Education, Economical Affairs and Foreign Affairs).

For the Universities of Applied Sciences the association is an excellent platform for collaboration. Each year the association organizes several seminars and workshops in which its members can share their best practices. Besides these seminars and workshops the association maintains various networks that discuss policy issues on specific themes (e.g. applied research, internationalization, education and funding).

The Vereniging Hogescholen also functions as an employers' organization on behalf of Universities of Applied Sciences. And therefore negotiates on their behalf with unions about collective labour agreements.

More information:

  • For prospective students (external website) regarding study programs, scholarships etc..
  • Statistical information (external website) regarding student mobility.

The Dutch higher education system
The Netherlands is a leading knowledge economy with state of the art facilities and a strong international position and world-class reputation. The high educated inhabitants enjoy good quality of life in a safe and secure environment. The two-tier system offers a broad spectrum of educational programs and a continuum of research from fundamental research to applied research and science. The system offers great opportunities for collaboration between research universities and universities of applied science bringing out the best of both. The degrees offered provide the knowledge and skills for lifelong learning. Read more

Internationalization vision - VSNU - Vereniging Hogescholen 2014
Internationalization is an essential step if the Netherlands is to continue to develop as a knowledge economy and boost its innovative strength and competitiveness. If we wish to remain in the vanguard of knowledge transfer, development and application, we have no choice but to play an active role in global knowledge networks. This places certain demands on the way in which we – the Netherlands and its knowledge institutions – design our infrastructure, organize our institutions and invest in human capital. Internationalization is not an isolated activity or an end in itself. Rather, it is part and parcel of teaching and research, helping to strengthen their quality. Our vision is to express this more forcefully through a number of shared aspirations. Read more

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